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As the brand’s name suggests, Shameless Jewelry is not scared of being shameless or pushing the boundaries. Their motto? Live a shameless life, both in jewelry wear and everyday life. Self described as spunky and saucy, Shameless Jewelry is all about maneuvering that fine line between naughty and nice, good girl versus bad girl and owning it. Every woman has different tonalities to their personality and it is about letting it all shine through shamelessly.

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Designed by actress and artist, Shea Curry, she is the quadruple threat- actor, singer, dancer, and now accessory designer. If you recognize her name, it is because she has starred in a long list of films including Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. She began making jewelry, on the set of another popular movie, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement and it was an instant hit with Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway. With cred like that, you are bound to go far. Most recently, she was a contestant on Lifetime’s Project Runway spin off, Project Accessory.

Shea Curry is most inspired by the art deco style of the Roaring 20s and features two collections with the statement motifs of the time. Modern Deco channels a vintage flea market vibe on modern settings and includes the use of understated elegance with colors like hematite, rose gold, and clear crystal. Deco Nouveau is punchier incorporating the architectural motifs of the time from strong vertical lines and extreme peaks in richly color crystals like Garnet and Colorado.

With Shameless Jewelry, you will be inspired to take your style and personality to soaring heights.