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Kanupriya Khurana is living the life that so many wish to have. She took a leap of faith in 2010, leaving her corporate job in human resources to follow her dreams and hasn’t looked back since. A self-taught designer, Kanupriya grew up in India surrounded by a rich culture of bright colors and opulent materials. Her design style can best be described as the perfect marriage between East and West, where the vintage influences of India meet modern artistry and form. In terms of inspiration, her mother is her rock, embodying the style that is Kanupriya - elegant, yet simple and always stunning.

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2 3

The designer is most drawn to materials like labradorite, amethyst, jasper, tourmaline, and druzy. There is no shortage of color or shapes too daring for Kanupriya, even white agate stands out. However, she shines brightest with the items that utilize lapis, chalcedony, and turquoise imbibing exotic Indians dreams and overall Bollywood style. Another signature look of Kanupriya is the Cobblestone Collection, which features a unique animal like rounded print hammered into rose gold plated or gold plated materials. The animal like print infuses another bit of India channeling the print of the highly endangered and mysterious leopard.

Her secret power really is having worked the 9-5 grind which means she thoroughly understands the real woman. Her main goal is to please the everyday woman who needs essentials to take them from day to night, office to night out, play dates to shopping and everything in between. Kanupriya Khurana is currently based out of New York.