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Ariel Gordon Maffei is best known for her love knot rings, intricate yet playful metal work, dainty conflict free semi-precious stone necklaces and initial pendants. The designer most enjoys using items like diamonds, sterling silver, and gold. As for inspirations, she calls on travel, bright colors, blue skies, and raw materials. Simply known as Ariel Gordon Jewelry, everyone that comes across the brand and its collections falls in love immediately and we are sure you will fall in love too. Come on, we know you want to look.

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Originally from San Diego, Gordon has an interesting background starting off in public relations where jewelry making was a side hobby. When she decided to make it her career, she jetted off to San Francisco to hone her metalsmithing skills at Revere Academy. Afterwards, she went to work under the famed Maya Brenner, another popular jewelry designer sold at Max and Chloe. In 2009, Ariel Gordon Jewelry was born and shortly after named the winner of ShopStyle’s Emerging Designer contest.

Growing up on the West Coast brings about a casual lifestyle both in spirit and in dress and Ariel Gordon Jewelry was born from that easygoing way. The company aims to create pieces that women won’t ever take off, even in the shower. Gordon herself is a simple individual and similar to the everyday woman, she will wear the same piece of jewelry for months on end, acting as an extension of the individual. But, they also like to have fun. Just look at their Menagerie Collection, which features mini dinosaurs and teddy bears for a touch of whimsy.