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If you are all about the tag jewelry, look no further than Anna Bee Jewelry by Anna Swonetz. Like a true Brit, her creativity flourished in the cold, rainy days of England, where she would entertain herself by making her mum little earrings out of Fimo clay.

Fast-forward a couple of decades; she is now stateside in California, producing simple designs perfect for everyday wear. She is tapping into the closets of women who want laid-back yet timeless jewelry terrific for pairing with jeans and a t-shirt. Swonetz launched the business to fill a gap in the market. One day she went out to purchase gifts and returned empty handed. She could not find anything that matched her style or her list and like any savvy entrepreneur, she set out to fix it herself.

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Its signature style and unique heartfelt quality have landed the design on dozens of gift round ups over the years as its versatility appeals to women of all ages. Versatility that spans a long list of designs from dog tags to square and rectangular name date necklaces, circle necklaces, heart necklaces and beaded bracelets with initial plates all in one of a kind metals. Her brand’s signature bee necklace is also a top seller for its delicate and whimsical appeal. One of the biggest ways she sets herself apart is that she asks herself one very crucial question on a constant basis. “Would I wear this?” On that note, she has exquisite taste. While traveling inspires her, she does not need to go to far from her couch noting that the lines and shapes of her home’s interiors provide as much inspiration.

As for the brand’s catchy name, Bee is Swonetz’s nickname.